Hiking – Dobongsan Mt.

I was never the athletic or adventurous type – atleast when it involves physical activities. I get tired easily, not to mention that I dislocated my knee cap more than twice. So when my Seoul sisters said that they wanted to hike, I was quick to tell them that I couldn’t come along. But somehow, the universe just has its own way to tell you things. A day before the scheduled hiking trip, I went to the dorm’s kitchenette where a flyer that says “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” caught my attention, and the adrenaline gushed through my veins and I felt excited about the hike (although I had to make sure that my Seoul sisters would wait for me whenever I needed to rest, which surprisingly wasn’t as many times as I imagined during the hike itself).

We went to Bukhansan National Park at around 10 in the morning. We stopped by 7-eleven to buy a few snacks and bottled water to keep us energized for the hike. I’m so glad that I brought 2 bottles of water with me because I consumed the entire bottle I bought from 7-eleven just one way through the hike, which isn’t actually good because the toilet’s all the way down LOL.


IMG_2977IMG_2984IMG_2993 IMG_3001 IMG_3017

On the peak of our trail, we saw two people up high on the rock taking photos and jump shots. One of them even did a headstand that I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures of them. The pictures turned out pretty good because of the lighting, so we called out to them and asked them to jump while I take their picture. They did and fortunately, I was able to capture it. The guy told us he would come to us so we waited for him and showed him the picture when he did. He asked if he could have a copy and I was more than willing to share it to them. Then, he asked us if we would like to go to that rock, although he said it’s “pretty harder to climb” but we agreed anyway since it seemed like a more appropriate spot for picture taking. When we saw the place, we were literally open-mouthed and asked him how it’s even possible to climb it. He told us that we’d go “around” the rock and then we just looked at him as if to tell him that he’s crazy. We were all telling him that we can’t do it and he just told us that the girl he was with said the same thing but she’s up there now. He told us not to worry because he will help us out, but only if we’re up for it because the stunt is dangerous. We were all hesitant but Bea said she was willing to try and the rest of us just got motivated to try it out as well (with a lot of cursing and “omygosh”, of course).


The climb “around” the rock is really dangerous and requires someone with experience to do it. Luckily for us, the guy was really strong so he was just guiding us and holding our hands and pushing us up while we were screaming and cursing the entire time. Once we were up there, we were in awe at the sight of the view. It was definitely breathtaking and totally worth the climb. We took photos and jump shots. And when it was time to go, we realised that it was more terrifying to go down than it was going up, but the guy said he found an “easier” way but it meant trusting him and each other because he needs everyone’s cooperation. The guy jumped a few feet down (wow right?) while the rest of us just held hands to support each other on the way down. The person who goes down must hold the hand of the person on top while she used her other hand to support her self. When there was nowhere else to step on, the person who goes down just has to “let go” and trust the guy to catch you. IT WAS CRAZY AND AMAZING AT THE SAME TIME! I wish I could give out the exact details, heck I would even demonstrate or draw it if I can. This whole experience just instantly became one of the best ones we’ve had during our entire stay here in S. Korea. We were so glad that we took the chance to climb the “impossible” and had the most amazing time.

IMG_3069IMG_3074 IMG_3078 IMG_3101


What a way to celebrate our first month! I definitely wouldn’t have it any other way.

Watch our video here: https://vimeo.com/140491323



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